The Century Story

Passion combined with obsession

In the year 2000, Hugo Langéen was a professional musician, working as an alternate solo bassoon player in the Malmö Opera Orchestra. To make ends meet, he started playing online poker. Through the use of big data- and behavioural analysis he went on to become one of the world’s best poker players. After almost a decade of full-time, professional poker, Hugo decided to develop into becoming a top trader in the financial markets. To achieve this objective, he started close collaborations with some of the most acclaimed traders in the industry.

A few years into Hugo’s trading career he met Niklas Höjman, who at the time was simultaneously finishing university degrees in both law and economics, while actively trading currencies. They immediately started a collaboration based on their joint interest and passion to develop successful, systematic trading algorithms. After finishing university, Niklas joined Goldman Sachs as an analyst focusing on macro products. While at the investment bank, Niklas worked closely with hedge fund managers, getting a good insight into the mechanics of the asset management industry.

Hugo and Niklas got introduced to Jimmy Carlsson, a tech-profile known to the community as a highly acclaimed machine learning specialist. Jimmy holds a long track record of applying machine learning in different fields to solve complex decisions. One of Jimmy’s more distinguishable application of machine learning, which was part of his Ph.D. studies, was the development of autonomous agent-based minesweeping systems for the Swedish armed forces. 

The trinity refined the ambition of creating a systematic trading system into a vision of reshaping how asset managers conduct investment decisions and thereby, in the winter of 2015, Century Analytics was founded. 


Founding of

Century Analytics

The Company is formed and a intense R&D effort is lunched 


Research Breakthrough

The inception point of the research efforts started with predictions of weekly trends and trend reversals. Things took off when the R&D team managed to create a agent-based framework known as the Orchestra, which through its use of machine learning, were able to describe changes in asset prices caused by market psychology. 


Accelerating growth

The company brought on an experienced external board of directors and a CEO with extensive background from the top tier Swedish fund and banking industry. External research collaborations was initiated with multiple academic researchers to further accelerate the R&D progression.


Launching the first fund

In early 2019, Century Analytics has received an AIFM-license from the Swedish FSA which gives the company the mandate to manage capital and market its products throughout the EU. In 2019, CenturyOne – the company’s flagship fund – will be launched and will offer investors a unique way to diversify their existing investment portfolios.



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